Gary & Holly M.

Dear Randy:

We have been enjoying the recently completed addition to our home and wanted to thank you again

As you know, this was the third and largest project that you have built for us. Friends who have used other builders are usually surprised to hear that all three of our projects have been completed on time and on budget.

We greatly value your experience, knowledge and craftsmanship. Above and beyond those essential qualities, we believe that you have exceptionally sound judgment. Your judgment and practical advice were very valuable in helping us to make the many decisions that were required while planning and completing our projects. Without your judgment and guidance our projects would have been far less successful.

We also appreciate the quality and thoughtfulness of your sub-contractors. Several months ago one of our neighbors commented to us that your workers were particularly polite and considerate.
As we explore new projects in the future you will always be the professional we call first.

Sincerely yours,
Gary M.
Wellesley, MA

Dale & John

Randy -

It's so hard to put into words our appreciation for all of your work which turned years of dreams for our home into reality. To say that we are ecstatic in our home is an understatement. A process which we have heard so many horror stories about was so surprisingly pleasant, painless and dare I say, fun at times, for us. I (Dale) am most grateful that the day to day grind and uprooting of our life that construction brought was always met with professionalism and kindness in the face of all my particular little quirky things I cared about that maybe no one else would. You were the most patient, even in the face of our complete ignorance about construction.

It is our hope that this gift is something you will enjoy, and it represents a small token of our appreciation for this wonderful home you've created for us. As always if there is anything we can do to help grow your business, please give us a call!

Dale and John
Needham, MA

Laura & Tyler

Dear Randy,

It has been a joy to work with you renovating our house, and more recently finishing our basement. We have recommended you to all of our friends without reservation, and will continue to do so.  Unlike contractors who underestimate the cost of a job up front and then bury the client with change orders, you take great pains to accurately lay out costs, and have always completed our work at, or even under, budget.  We also appreciate that you plan out the timeline carefully, and consider it extremely important to complete jobs on time.  Perhaps most importantly, we have noticed that you have a positive and mutually respectful relationship with all of your subcontractors. Not only is this crucial in terms of getting the best work from them, but it also indicates the sense of integrity that you bring to your job. We could not be happier with your work, or with our wonderful home!

Thank you so much,
Laura D and Tyler J
Newton, MA

Gina & Peter

We started working with Randy at the recommendation of friends and our architect in 2009 on a major renovation to our 100+ year old home. Since then, RSS Construction has worked with us to complete two additional projects - finishing a basement and rebuilding a porch. To our delight, each renovation has been an absolute joy - largely because of our working relationship with and trust in Randy.  He is not only fun to work with, he is thoughtful in his approach, listens to concerns (as first time renovators we had many), and is a perfectionist in execution.  As a result of our multiple experiences, we highly recommend RSS construction to anyone embarking on a renovation, whether small or substantial.

Gina and Peter S
Wellesley, MA

Gouri & Vickram

We started on the path of rebuilding our house in Wellesley in the winter of 2011.  We picked Randy to build it for us because when we were considering whether to rebuild or move, we saw a house that he had on the market.  We loved that house but wanted to keep our location. 

From the start, it was very easy to work with Randy.  He helped us find Henry, the architect, who he had worked with before.  He had a good relationship with town officials which made it easy to navigate through the permitting process as well.  Our old house was torn down in July of 2011. 

During the building process, Randy was very clear on what they were doing at each stage.  He gave us clear guidance on when we would have to make decisions in picking out things.  He stepped in to help when we found it hard to decide on something, he gave us the space when we needed to take our time and he pushed us when we didn’t do our homework without pressuring us.  When we changed our minds, he and his subcontractors were able to deal with it and get what we wanted with minimal stress on us.

I went to the construction site almost every afternoon.  All the subcontractors were very patient in answering all my questions and once they realized I was interested in the engineering aspect of building a house, took their time to explain some of the intricacies of the work they were doing – this was especially true of the foundation guys, the framers and the electricians.  Throughout the process, we felt like we understood what was going on and why.

The new house was finished in June 2012 – almost exactly a year after the old one was torn down.  We love the end result. There were (as is inevitable) some lose ends after we moved in.  Randy and his guys were very professional and prompt in fixing them.  We were pleasantly surprised that he really does abide by the warrantee and has been checking in with us even a year after we moved in.

We would recommend Randy Sherman and R.S.S. construction without reservation to anyone looking to do a building project.

Gouri & Vickram G
Wellesley MA

David & Liza

Randy -

Thank you for your time and advice, let alone your willingness to take a look at our new home (hopefully) in Westwood.

Your opinion means a lot to us. We're also grateful for your efforts over and above the call of duty here at Grant St. We'll always be willing and enthusiastically positive references for you.

Thanks again. Enjoy a dinner on us.

David and Liza
Needham, MA

Deb & Les Paul

Randy is an excellent builder and project manager. He is experienced, intelligent, thoughtful and very detail oriented. As his client you'll really appreciate his collaborative manner and how well he listens to you and his ability to leverage all his prior experience to give you the best guidance for your project decisions. He truly cares about his work and stands behind everything he does. Randy is the best builder we have worked with and we highly recommend him!"

Deb & Les Paul

Margie and Oliver

Randy -

We just want to thank you for all of the work you have done for us over the years! You have turned our attic into a gorgeous, light-filled space, incorporating a kitchenette, playroom, guest room/office, and full bath that is so warm and comforting to retreat to. We have always been a little envious of our guests for that reason! Our basement has been a dream-come-true for the kids to have their own place to spend time with friends as they've gotten older. You came up with some great ideas about placement of different doors, entryways, lights, etc - having done so many different projects means that you have a wide repertoire to build from.

We have recommended you many times to friends and acquaintances, not just because of the end results, but because of the process. You have always been honest and clear about what to expect, and are very particular about all of the details. Your subs are equally respectful and try to be as unobtrusive as possible, not always easy when working in a home that is being lived in. The relationships you have with them is clear and built on a mutual respect - very important in this business.

We have recently moved away from the Boston area, and hired a contractor here in CA for some work on our home. I can't tell you how many times we wished you could work on our home with us!! The building project is just not the same without your attention to detail and vision.

Thank you for all you've done,
Margie and Oliver

The Schnitmans

Randy + Crew!

Thank you for working with us to make the divider between us look great from both sites. We really appreciate your help in taking the fence down and the bushes out.

The Schnitmans